Hear the Beat ramble on about stuff on Comic News Insider!

For everyone begging the Beat to do a podcast in our recent polls…I did another guest stint with Jimmy Aquino on Comic News Insider Episode 453 – Les Spiderables! We talk about AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700, Throne of Atlantis, Mara, Les Mis, Animaniacs, and much more, and you can hear BOTH of us singing! It’ the all singing, no dancing New Year edition!



  1. Jacob Goddard says:

    What kinds of comics do you typically cover?

  2. We cover everything from mainstream to indie. Just depends on what’s out that week, what convention was attended, etc. :)

  3. Dave Miller-lad says:

    Heidi, before you talk about Amazing Spider-man #700 could you please walk me through the previous 699 issues?

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