Harvey Pekar meets Anthony Bourdain

Harvey Pekar’s appearance on No Reservations aired last night but we’re sure you can catch it in reruns.



  1. Kat Kan says:

    It was very cool, because Pekar was on the show for about half of its one-hour slot. Plus, the show incorporated Pekar’s comic about it (art by Gary Dumm, I think). AND Bourdain showed Pekar mucho respect.

  2. Just saw this tonight and it was very cool indeed. Bourdain can come off as something of a jerk sometimes (in a funny way), but he clearly enjoyed meeting Pekar and acted so.

  3. I know this is (by now) an ancient post, but I finally just watched the episode on the DVR last night. I’m a die-hard Pekar fan and watch “No Reservations” regularly, so I was totally stoked to watch this.

    Man, it was great. Harvey and Toby were just fantastic on the show and I loved that Bourdain seemed like a genuine fan. Wonderful episode.

    Just wanted to say how much I loved it…

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