Harveys: The morning after

Sorry for the panic of Twitter last night! Basically, The Beat‘s table included Kyle Baker, Dean Haspiel, and Ben McCool, so to say there were laughs afoot would be an understatement. We were all kidding about the deadly-looking steak knives when it turned out that Kyle had cut his finger buttering bread. Someone called a waiter over and the waiter intoned “Come with me!” and TWO people led Kyle off to get a Band-Aid. It was funny at the time but not as funny when it was Twittered. Anyway, at least one other person cut themselves with those darned knives. They are truly SNAPPED-worthy.

The highlight of the night was legend Nick Cardy getting the Hero Award. As presenter Todd Dezago explained, no one even knows how old Nick really is — either 88 or 89…but either way, he’s a treasure to be around.

A few photos of Table 1 hijinks:

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Dean opted for double the meat.
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Henrik Andreasen is unafraid of the Harvey knife danger.

We have lots more pictures that aren’t on Flickr…posting later.


  1. says

    “Now that’s a knife, mate.”

    So, did anyone lift a knife, or two, to take home?
    hard to get good cutlery nowadays.
    Glad Kyle is okay.

  2. says

    When I opened my browser window to this site I was relieved, because I don’t think we’ve gone a week without a photograph on this site of Dean Haspiel mooning, doe-eyed at a camera held by The Beat.

  3. Mark Coale says

    I bet that is not the first time the words “Dean” and “mooning” have been in the same sentence. :>

  4. michael says

    What’re you people? Wusses? It’s a freakin’ steak knife fer crying out loud! You’ve never seen one?

  5. Tom Spurgeon says

    What exactly was Dean saying about the Harvey Awards in that first photo?

  6. Alan Coil says

    Dean was saying he would have to jump over the moon to find better beef.

  7. says

    Yep, you could tell the New York contingent, drawing knives at the drop of a hat, even at the podium.

    At least it’s an improvement over the broken beer bottle…

  8. Al says

    As long as people buttered their bread on a plate and not directly on the tablecloth. Apparently that is not done.

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