Happy 95th Birthday, Jack Kirby

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My favorite Kirby now is the more crazy abstract stuff, so my selection favors that. Of course there was much more to Kirby.jack kirby. from 2001. 008.jpg





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Supermans Pal Jimmy Olsen 137 - 01.jpg


This photo of Alan Moore and Jack Kirby from the 1985 Kirby Awards (taken by Jackie Estrada) is more easily found on Google than an image of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby together. I’ve never seen a clear photo of them together at their height.


  1. Bob C Musgrave says

    Happy Birthday Jack Kirby and a personal thank you for Kamandi: The Last Boy On Earth #10 and The Eternals # 2 that I read when I was 9.

    Also happy International Read Comics in Public Day to all The Beat Readers out there.


  2. barry buchanan says

    “Also happy International Read Comics in Public Day to all The Beat Readers out there.”

    Now go buy a Kirby-verse comic from Dynamite.

  3. MattComix says

    Happy Birthday to the one and only King.

    How I wish there was even a fraction of his optimism and energy in left superhero comics now.

  4. Swampy says

    I was reading OMAC this morning unaware of The King’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mr. Kirby!

  5. otistfirefly says

    LOVE me some crazy abstract Kirby! Happy Birthday to the once-and-forever King!

  6. says

    Heidi, that’s a great selection of Kirby’s work! Really a good way for people to think about the scope of his work and where all that energy goes.
    Thanks for the best gallery of his work I’ve seen today.

  7. Jeff Trexler says

    @Bob C Musgrave – I second that re Kamandi #10 – also my first Kamandi & gateway drug to the rest of Kirby’s work. Morticoccus haunted me for years!

  8. horatio weisfeld says

    Thinking about JK — Doing my best Charlton Heston voice:

    “..The pencil of God!”


    JACK: My stories were true. They involved living people, and they involved myself. They involved whatever I knew. I never lied to my readers.

    Puts the tears in my eyes.

  9. says

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