Happy 87th birthday, Stan Lee


The Man Abides. He also twitters, and if you are following Smilinstanlee, you can only marvel (yes) at how a man approaching his 10th decade can be such a master of the social networking. Although Stan will forever be a controversial figure, his longevity and adaptability — at an age when most people are marking their 10th anniversary of sitting on a porch in Florida — is an inspiration for all.

I see Atomic Comics in Phoenix is cutting prices on their Stan Lee Birthday Sale. But if it’s to honor me, shouldn’t they RAISE the prices?


  1. MBunge says:

    Stan shouldn’t be a controversial figure is anyone who’s, you know, a grown up and all.


  2. A Big Big Happy Birthday To Ya, Mr Lee!



  4. @Brian Stan Lee sprang forth from MJ’s head. Unless they’ve retconned his origin.

  5. I just watched the DVD “Stan Lee’s MUTANTS, MONSTERS, & MARVELS” a few days ago. Expecting it to be a piece of Marvel propaganda, I was pleasantly surprised by the insights offered by Stan into writing a punchy comic book story. Interviewed by director Kevin Smith, the DVD focuses on the creation of the Marvel Universe and even some of the controversy of “creator” vs. “co-creator.” Even if you feel you have outgrown mainstream comics, it’s a movie well worth watching. I found my copy for $3 in the BIG LOTS bargain bin! So, all true-believers should check it out!
    Happy Birthday Stan–“Excelsior!”

  6. Before their was Alan Moore, there was Stan Lee. Happy Birthday to the father of modern comics. I can’t wait to see what you’re writing when you turn 100.


  7. Just to make things clear: Blackeye isn’t entitled to a piece of birthday cake with Stan Lee’s name on it.



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