Happy 70th Birthday, Harvey Pekar

Pekar, one of comics’ true originals, one of its most important writers, and an icon of the small press, reaches his 70th year this day. To celebrate, his new webcomic, The Pekar Project, is running 70+ portraits of the master by a diverse array of artists. Click on the link for the whole show, but here are a few as an appetizer:
Jeff Smith

Renee French

Ben Templesmith

Happy birthday, Harvey! You are one of a kind and a national treasure!


  1. Pappa Smurf says:

    Why did Ben Templesmith draw Gargamel?

  2. michael says:

    Very cool project! :)

    Nice to see some portrait work and how each artist handled drawing him.

  3. Ben Templesmith says:

    Just for you, “Pappa”.

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