Groovy Comics-inspired shelves now available in the US

These stylish, practical wooden comics inspired shelves designed by Oscar Nuñez are now available for sale in the US from Groopti.

At $249 for the big one and $149 for the smaller one, they are more expensive than an Expedit, but they are a subtle way to declare your allegiance to the funny book while offering a gracious home. Perfect for storing your DC Showcase collection.


[Via Freshome]


  1. Stone says

    That price and timeline are atrocious. 8-12 weeks for Veneer over MDF! Find a local to build you one…probably for half the price.
    Idea and style=win, creation = lose

  2. Allen Rubinstein says

    If you’re lining up books, what do you do when you hit the “carrot”?

    Maybe that’s for the Chris Ware oversize volumes?

  3. Don Murphy says

    I don’t understand- HELP- how do you order just the smaller one?

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