Groovy Comics-inspired shelves now available in the US

These stylish, practical wooden comics inspired shelves designed by Oscar Nuñez are now available for sale in the US from Groopti.

At $249 for the big one and $149 for the smaller one, they are more expensive than an Expedit, but they are a subtle way to declare your allegiance to the funny book while offering a gracious home. Perfect for storing your DC Showcase collection.


[Via Freshome]



  1. Even though Zuda is gone, its merchandizing lives on!

  2. Unfortunately, most people would see these as a Facebook “Chat” icon.

  3. Stone says:

    That price and timeline are atrocious. 8-12 weeks for Veneer over MDF! Find a local to build you one…probably for half the price.
    Idea and style=win, creation = lose

  4. Allen Rubinstein says:

    If you’re lining up books, what do you do when you hit the “carrot”?

    Maybe that’s for the Chris Ware oversize volumes?

  5. Don Murphy says:

    I don’t understand- HELP- how do you order just the smaller one?

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