GREEN LANTERN adds Blake Lively

Gossip Girl hottie Blake Lively will play Carol Ferris in the upcoming GREEN LANTERN movie. Lively will star opposite Ryan Reynolds, making this some of the best looking casting ever in a superhero movie. The Martin Campbell-helmed film is set to open on June 17, 2011.

At 23, Lively will be the world’s youngest owner of an aerospace company, but who cares. She’s hot!


  1. She is a perfectly fine actress, but it seems like an odd fit.

  2. Otis T says:

    Yes, she’s hot, but dull as a cucumber and completely lacking in beauty with any character. Who did you prefer in Gotham: Katie (yawn) or Maggie? See also: Superman Returns to Generic Lois Lane.

  3. Alexa says:

    It couldn’t be ScarJo? That would be fun, and she would have good chemistry between Ryan Reynolds, for obvious reasons :)

  4. Come on, Hollywood. Do the right thing and cast Hugo Weaving as Sinestro…

  5. What- there were no popular dark haired actresses available?



  6. Kate Fitzsimons says:

    Would age really be an issue? Carol inherited the family business. (Kind of like Tony Stark. Or Bruce Wayne for that matter.)

  7. She could become a brunette easily enough, if its that important. Actually, I think she might look better with dark hair, but I’m biased that way.

  8. I agree with Otis’ critique, while adding in this: Hal and Carol are usually positioned as contemporaries and childhood friends. I know Reynolds has a youthful face and all, but otherwise it might look a bit awkward here.

  9. Capper says:

    She was good on SNL. Much better than January Jones.

  10. Jess Lemon says:

    “At 23, Lively will be the world’s youngest owner of an aerospace company, but who cares. She’s hot!”

    Right, because the characters actors portray must always be precisely the same age as the actors themselves. (And, honestly, given the regularity with which this site posts blogs of shirtless men, whinging about Lively’s hotness is ridiculous, but one supposes consistency and sensibility are too much to expect here.)

  11. michael says:

    don’t know who she is. but judging from that pic. she’s babealicious!

  12. Capper–exactly what I was going to say. She was almost a natural for SNL. Ms Jones looked like her antacid never kicked in.

  13. Huh. Curious what the role for her is like. She’s gorgeous, and I like her on Gossip Girl well enough, but she’s been sort of a one-dimensional actress with a limited range of actable emotions.

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