Great minds think alike

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We’re just stealing this from Tim Hodler at Comics Comics, via a Village Voice interview with French director Alain Resnais because it is three-way cool.

“We decided that the light should be emotional rather than realistic,” says [Alain] Resnais, citing a source of inspiration in one of his beloved comic-strip illustrators, Terry and the Pirates creator Milton Caniff. “At a time when comic strips were very disparaged as an art form, I was very happy to learn that Orson Welles and Milton Caniff had a correspondence in which they said that each was influenced by the other. And Orson Welles was not an imbecile!”

The Lady from Shanghai


  1. says

    Very cool to hear about this cross-pollination. Plus – there really isn’t a bad reason to post a picture of Rita Hayworth, is there?

  2. says

    I remember Alan Resnais was mentioned in a Stan Lee Soapbox column in the late ’60s, maybe early ’70s. Alan was apparently a big comics’ fan then, so it’s not surprising to hear his love of the medium goes even further back than that.

  3. Gabriel Hardman says

    I remember Welles mentioning his admiration for Terry and the Pirates in the Peter Bogdanovitch interview book. He also said he couldn’t connect with the right leaning post-war Steve Canyon.

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