Grant Morrison…the movie?

Poking around the other day, we found this demo trailer for a docuomentary-in-progress about Mr. Mystic himself, Grant Morrison. It a production of Sequart, which plans to publish several critical studies of superhero-ish comics material, including Mutant Cinema: The X-Men Trilogy from Comics to Screen, Teenagers from the Future: Essays on the Legion of Super-Heroes and Grant Morrison: The Early Years. According to YouTube:

Sequart and Respect! Films are prodcuing a documentary about legendary comic book writer Grant Morrison. Morrison has written virtually every major comic book franchise, from Batman to Superman to X-Men, and created many new properties, including the seminal comic book series THE INVISIBLES. This documentary is the first in depth look at his life and work in film, and features unresricted access to the man himself.

A significant amount of material has already been shot, with more shoot dates to come. Look for the film to be released sometime in 2010. It is directed by Patrick Meaney, shot by Jordan Rennert and produced by Amber Yoder.

If you would like to become a producer on this project, send an inquiry to [email protected]


  1. Charles Knight says:

    Looks like it will be a complete trainwreck, like the start to an informerical, the sort you find playing at 3am.

  2. Marcus Lusk says:

    The subtitles are an hilarious touch. Trainwreck is right.

  3. An homage to Stan Brakhage? And the subtitles to cut through the brogue.

  4. It’s so crazy, I think I just might like it. I think I might like it a lot.

  5. Let this be a lesson to everyone: Don’t do drugs.

  6. Let this be a lesson to everyone: Do drugs.

    (fixed that for you)

  7. There should be an invention called “Dude Rugs.” You know: for dudes!



  8. So wait, if I do drugs, I’ll become a pretty successful writer of both chewy and entertaining fiction that people engage with in the span of my own lifetime? I’m trying to see the warning message here…

  9. Do drugs/don’t do drugs–I guess we’ll have to see how it all ends……

  10. James W says:

    Subtitles? Come on.

  11. jimmy palmiotti says:


    and yes james, thank god for the subtitles.


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