Google changes Helvetica to Comic Sans for April Fool's 2011-4-1 12-41.jpg
Damn — Google loves April Fool’s jokes as only a bunch of borderline Asperger’s tech nerds can (Moss, see under). For today, in addition to their “Google Motion” crack, they’re running on all their services, they’ve also replaced the dignified and beloved font Helvetica with the Rob Granito of fonts, Comic Sans, when you make a search for “Helvetica.” Above, you see this chilling vision of a world gone mad.


  1. Torsten Adair says:

    This isn’t an April Fool’s…

    Comics Sans Pro:

    But at least it fixes some of the problems of the everyday CS. Of course, for $120, you can buy some REAL comics fonts from Comicraft, which has a Wondercon special good until April 11.

  2. Rob J. says:

    It’s spelled “Asperger’s,” with a p, not a b.

    PS: Replacing anything with Comics Sans is too cruel a joke.

  3. heh heh… “Ass burger”… heh heh…

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