Google announces Comics Themes


iGoogle has just unleashed a huge slate of Comics Themes for users’ home pages. Themes include Vertigo, Zuda, Daniel Clowes, Mutts, Jaime Hernandez, Renee French, Jeffrey Brown, Rumiko Takahashi, Children of the Sea and more. In honor of the day, Jim Lee has the artwork on the Google homepage, which, as he twittered, “It will be the single most viewed image I have ever drawn!200 million hits+.”

Check out the page there are LOTS more cartoonists involved, from every stream of the industry.


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    Unfortunately, most Google users outside the US won’t see it, because they’re redirected to their respective countries’ Google site, which doesn’t feature the Jim Lee artwork (at least here in Germany). Proxies like can be used to prevent the redirect, but most people don’t know that.

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