Going away

Kreegah! On vacation. Less posting then ever. I have a few longish essays I’ve been working on that I may get to post…or maybe not.


Have fun.

Funny Comic Book Cover 1


  1. Lois = cougar!

  2. Mark Coale says:

    Is this a clue to where you and Mr. Beat are going?

  3. Prospect Park?

  4. Laurie S. Sutton says:

    I had that Lois Lane comic as a kid! After reading it I went out and climbed trees, pretending to be “Leopard Girl Lois”. Kreegah, indeed!

  5. I just love those old painted comic book covers from Whitman / Gold Key / Dell…

  6. Superman. really? 1 leopard does not equal “a pack.”

    where did you go to school?

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