Gantz to end in 2012

201112300227 Gantz to end in 2012

Gantz, Hiroya Oku’s popular, super-violent manga about a team of operatives and their mysterious missions, is ending its run in Young Jump next year, it’s being reported. More than 30 volumes of the manga have appeared in Japan — in the US, Dark Horse is up to volume 20. It’s also been adapted into a TV series and two movies.


  1. ComicBeatFollower says:

    Another 24 years befor Kentaro-sensei’s Berserk even gets completed. It feels like we’re not even half-way yet.
    Can’t wait to get the Gantz volumes. I read up to volume 28. Need to order the others ^_^

  2. Pantsless Pete says:

    To be fair to Berserk, it’s a monthly. So it comes out fairly slowly.

    On the other hand it has been going for twenty years or so now.

    Now, One Piece…

    That’s never going to end.


  3. After Gantz ends, what will Japanese teens have to wank off to?

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