Future Comics: That Twitter comic by the Eyeshield 21 guy everyone is talking about


Yusuke Murata is the manga-ka behind the very popular American football manga EYESHIELD 21. In between massive ongoing series—his next project is called onepunchman—Murata started posting a webcomic via Twitter, bsed on yet another series, Hetappi Manga Research Lab R. The story involves Murata being chased over a cliff by an editor and looming deadlines—no paranoia there!—and he uses unique folded paper and lighting effects to give the story more impact.

Crunchyroll has translated the story. And here’s
the Japanese version.

Despite its title, onepunchman is a magical girl manga, and here’s a preview Murata posted on Twitter:
onepunchman murata manga


  1. ComicBeatFollower says

    My body is ready for 1PM or should that be OPM¿ I like 1PM more.

  2. says

    Much to my surprise Eyeshield 21 became my favourite shonen manga.

    Anyone who’s interested in drawing characters running really fast (ie. the Flash) should check out a few volumes, because I think Murata is incredibly good at portraying the speed that characters are moving at, and having events happen in slow motion.

  3. Marshall Khadaffi says

    Pantsu! Pantsu! Pantsu!

    Seriously now…my latest liked scanlated manga:

    Hanging Balloons

    Zombies are so 2010

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