Funny old world

nuada Funny old world
Not too much posting today because, frankly, I’m emotionally drained after the last few days. Happy, but drained. In addition, I’m giving out an award to Luke Goss from HELLBOY II at the Motion Picture Club luncheon today. How on earth did THAT happen? See, miracles are already happening.


  1. mr orox says:

    That is Tom Cruise right?

  2. Rich Johnston says:

    Luke… Goss.

    It’s insane.

    Every girl I ever fancied in school fancied him more. It was just impossible.

  3. I enjoy watching Tom Cruise’s movies. I think that he is a very professional, talented actor. We all have beliefs and he shouldn’t be judged for his. He seems to do alot of good in the world so maybe we can focus on that. Thanks Tom for all the great entertainment. You do a fantastic job and I think you are wonderful.

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