Full FCBD details

FCBDbarry.jpgNewsarama has ALL the books for this year’s Free Comic Book Day, and there are many things of interest to many people…Spider-man! Lynda Barry! Owly! Eddie Campbell! Peanuts! We may just need to collect ‘em all.


  1. ~chris says:

    J. Torres & Chynna Clugston-Flores? Rare Peanuts strips? Tips from Gail Simone & Colleen Doran? Darwyn Cooke, Bryan Lee O’Malley, & Hope Larson? New Amelia Rules and Owly? Yippee!

    And lucky you, the people who’ll be reading Wahoo Morris and Whiteout for the first time…

  2. ~chris says:

    BTW, where is SLG’s offering?

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