Fringe universe DC covers in full

Last night’s season-ending episode of Fringe included a sideways universe, and that universe included an alternate version of DC, that had its own versions of iconic covers. Geekosystem has collected the lot…so hit up the link for the whole shebang, which is pretty clever, we must admit.

We don’t know if any other details of the alterna-DC were given on the show, but apparently in this timeline, Jim Shooter had been the E-I-C throughout the ’90s and a writer had stayed on Teen Titans for more than ten issues.

Even more at The Source.


  1. says

    But the real mystery in the paralletl universe is whether or not they perserve their books with the same rating scale after they’re slabbed.



  2. KET says

    If only DC would take as much care with the artwork on their current output than with the obvious fanboy porn they put together for a random TV show.

  3. Dave Elliott says

    I got a bigger kick out of seeing Walter talking about the alternate universes KFC and his discovery of the secret ingredient in their spices.

  4. Ron Chevrier says

    Seeing how Superman is dead, does this mean that in the Alternate Universe, the Siegel Family is suing DC for the rights to Spectre, Robotman,Dr. Occult, and the Star Spangled Kid and Stripesy?

  5. Peter Urkowitz says

    I’m glad that they resisted the urge to have this Red Lantern vomiting blood.

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