Free Molly Crabapple

Yesterday’s first anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street Movement was marked with a protest and some arrests, just for old times sake. Among those arrested, cartoonist Molly Crabapple. The anxiety of her experience was somewhat dimmed by the modern phenomenon of being able to live-tweet your arrest and incarceration:

Although handcuffed, Crabapple was actually tweeting behind her back, so still pretty impressive. Her phone was eventually taken away when she was jailed.

When reported by Warren Ellis a #freemollycrabapple hashtag was set up and Al Jazeera was alerted, and the incident gained quite a bit of press.

Eventually Crabapple and the others arrested were let go.


About 180 people were arrested during New York’s anniversary protests yesterday.



  1. i want to see this magic trick of tweeting behind one’s back. this sounds like something for America’s Got Talent! ha

  2. comicsatemybrain says:

    Now on featured on CNN’s front page:

    She indicates in the article that she was arrested for blocking traffic even though she was on the sidewalk.

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