Frank Miller’s complete perfume ad

The Frank Miller-directed Gucci Guilty ad is now online, with Chris Evans, Evan Rachel Wood and a Depeche Mode cover by Friendly Fires. It’s sorta…steamy. The new fragrance is for “her,” btw.


  1. I’m glad Frank Miller has taken this opportunity to inform us as to how women can smell better.

  2. This is like heart-shaped jewelry. Women won’t buy it for themselves.

  3. Christian says:

    Hm. I was expecting more whores.

  4. Dave Elliott says:

    I believe this is the short version, probably for TV. There is a longer version coming.

  5. I was gonna say: that’s it? Wasn’t the bloody trailer (they make trailers for commercials now) longer than this?

  6. Comic2read says:

    Where are the ninjas?

  7. Charles Knight says:

    I’ve seen the *other* version of this, it’s the same but em.. the other way around – Chris Evans rides into town on a bike, they have sex and then he’s smirking on a bridge where he does this weird head shrug thing – like he’s a thunderbird puppet on a string (it’s hard to describe).

  8. nice job Frank.

  9. Anonymous says:

    going to the well one too many times

  10. Meh. It’s a Russ Meyer movie without the jokes.

  11. michael says:

    I hope Frank gives RR a percentage of whatever he makes from any film or tv ads he does, as his ‘style’ was obviously something conceived by Rodriguez (although ‘inspired’ from FM comics).

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