Francesco Francavilla’s Black Beetle Returns in October for NECROLOGUE

Dark Horse have broken away from the rest of the pack! The announcement has come in that Francesco Francavilla will be following up his extremely successful Black Beetle miniseries with a second mini in October, called Necrologue. A five-issue series, Francavilla will once again handle both writing and art duties on the book.


CBR have an interview with Francavilla here. In it, he talks about a lot of things – notably that many of the character from the previous ‘No Way Out’ miniseries will return, and some of the cliffhangers will be followed up on. He also explains that Necrologue:

refers to the series of deaths that will mark this second mini.

Lordy. There’s also two teasers from Francavilla, both of which speak to the Hammer Horror stories which inspire his work on the book.


Black Beetle: Necrologue starts in October.


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    It’s definitely October. Francavilla’s confirmed the original press release was wrong – it’ll start in OCTOBER, not November

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