Francesco Francavilla’s Black Beetle looks awesome

Francesco Francavilla’s Black Beetle looks awesome

Francesco Francavilla is one of our most favoritest artists, fusing a pulpish sensibility with incredible imagery. He has a new book coming out from Dark Horse, BLACK BEETLE #1, picking up from the short stories in Dark Horse Presents. The first issue will be out in January. It’s racked up quite a fanclub – Jim Steranko, Warren Ellis — unsurprising because they both have good taste. Dar Horse has been releasing a series of lobby cards for the book and here they are.

TheBlackBeetle_NoWayOut_01_06_low (1).JPG





  1. JeffF says

    #0 comes out this month, collecting those short stories. I just discovered Francavilla so I’m very excited for this series.

  2. Rich says

    I’m eager for the eventual collected edition of BLACK BEETLE stories. These look right up my alley.

  3. Jesse says

    FINALLY. This is great great great. It’s like everything good and nothin’ bad.

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