Fraction strikes twice in Hollywoodland

EW has word of a couple of movie deals for Matt Fraction:

He’s just inked a deal with producer Rick Alexander (MGM’s Adventures in the Land of Zametherea) and manager-producer Jeff Krelitz to turn two of his co-creations, Casanova and Last of the Independents, into movies. A major A-list actor is already mulling over the lead in Casanova, an adventure-caper about a thief-turned-spy, which Alexander promises will evolve into a “mega-budget, effects-intensive action spectacular.” (He says he’s aiming to unleash the “spectacular” during the Fourth of July weekend 2010.)


  1. Tom Spurgeon says:

    hey, that’s great

  2. Indeed, a great bit of news for a great creator. If it means big hollywood bucks will be able to fund Fraction (and a Moon/Ba twin to be named later) so that more Casanova issues can be produced… all the better!

  3. Crazy great!

  4. Ed Brubaker says:

    Two of my favorite books, by one of the best new writers in comics. Good job, Hollywood.

  5. Mark Coale says:

    Casanova would be one wild movie, that’s for sure.

  6. win!

  7. Phil Hester says:

    Awesome news!

  8. A great piece of news. Congratulations, Matt!

  9. Wow. Not only is Cassanova getting made, but the filmmakers seem to have some high aspirations for it. The story is so weird and out there, I can see why they’d need a budget. It would be nice to see the multidimensional agent on the screen. Well, maybe not so much Ruby Berserko there.. just.. -shudder- Ha.

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