For your holiday reading pleasure: 24 Hours of Webcomics starts tonight

As a follow-up on the very fun and well-received “24 Hours of Women Cartoonists” event in March, Team Beat is reassembling starting at midnight E.D.T. tonight for “24 Hours of Webcomics.” Steve, Laura, Hannah, Henry and even the Beat have put together a list of our favorites, some well known, some obscure. I know it’s a getaway day tomorrow, but if you’re looking for some holiday reading on your tablet or laptop, be sure to check back tomorrow.


  1. Kate Willaert says

    I don’t know if it made your list, but I’d like to give a shout out to Unsounded by Ashley Cope.

  2. jacob lyon goddard says

    I’m curious how many of these comics make the cartoonists a living.

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