Flip Me, Dave McKean’s Returned to Sandman

Neil Gaiman and JH William III‘s prelude series Sandman: The Overture is likely going to be a very big presence over the next few months, but one of the most exciting parts of their revival of Gaiman’s classic Vertigo series is that original cover artist Dave McKean will be returning for a new run.

True to form, McKean’s cover for issue #1 has just been released via Entertainment Weekly, and it’s an absolute belter. It’s been ten years since McKean’s touched the character, but clearly that hasn’t dulled his edge.


The miniseries starts up in October. As Gaiman notes in the EW piece:

There is something special about Dave McKean that makes it feel real. I get the same thrill I got 25 years ago seeing his covers…


  1. Dan Ahn says

    It looks amazing! I had almost forgotten how great a combination McKean and Sandman are!

  2. Jerry Smith says

    What can you say except fantastic! The old band is back together, hopefully better than ever.

  3. says

    I’m LOVING that Dave McKean is back on Sandman (and at Vertigo!) But, I’m pretty sure his covers for this mini will all be variants, which greatly disappoints me.

  4. jacob lyon goddard says

    I’m over the moon happy to see McKean back on Sandman covers, but I’m still not so sure about Williams.
    The rushed inking, crappy paper, and muddy colors are just as large a part of the Sandman experience to me as Gaiman’s stories, McKean’s covers, or Klein’s lettering.
    With the clean, slick, superhero aesthetics and clever layouts of Williams I’m afraid it will be a different beast.

  5. jacob lyon goddard says

    I wonder what it says about when the first thing I thought when I saw the image was “what’s with the new haircut”?

  6. otw says

    What they won’t tell is Scott Lobdell takes over writing chores halfway through issue #2.

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