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Bryan Lee O’Malley points us to this still, :

which was posted in a sly, slanted form by director Edgar Wright, and then photoshopped to look rectangular by /film.

That’s (l-r) Michael Cera as Scott, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers, Johnny Simmons as Young Neil, Ellen Wong as Knives Chao, Alison Pill as Kim Pine, and Mark Webber as Stephen Stills.

While they all look pretty great, it is Knives Chao who seems shockingly dead-on there.


  1. Fun Gnome says

    It was a piece of crap based on way more than Michael Cera’s contribution.

    I think he looks terrible as Scott, but we’ll see.

  2. Cormorant says

    Hmm…yeah, not quite liking this, though the trailer will be more revealing of whether it works.

    Knives is actually the weirdest for me. She looks 25, not 16.

  3. Caged Wisdom says

    I know saying this on the internet is about as useful as shouting into a vacuum, but how’s about we not make snap judgments on the film based on one poorly reproduced film frame, folks?

  4. jim b. says

    thanks to Heidi, able follow Edgar Wright’s blog throughout he summer during filming (check Wright’s archives). sets and props, all very cool. Stephen Stills, spot on. Michael Cera… uh… I wait and pray…

  5. says

    The photo looks absolutely amazing and as someone who grew up in Toronto going to way too many concerts over the years, it’s so weird and mind blogging to see Lee’s Palace, not just in a movie shot, but it being played up as Lee’s Palace, not subbing in as some other venue.

    I’m not too crazy as Michael Cera as Scott, but everything else looks so incredible and dead on.

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