First peep at Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex

Ignore the reports of Brolin cheating on his wife, and enjoy these photos!



  1. hmm, botox, or no botox?

  2. Tommy Raiko says:

    I was curious to see how they’d handle the matter of the Jonah’s flap-of-skin-over-the-lips, and am reasonably impressed.

  3. Why do his arms look so short and stubby? Are they always that short?

  4. Perhaps I need to see it close up, because it doesn’t look too bad from here. I was expecting more grotesque make up… like say, Two-Face, or something.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Doesn’t look like his eye is messed up at all. Boo. Also, wasn’t Jonah Hex blond?

  6. Not gross enough! He’s got to have a mug only a blind mother could love. Not Megan Fox! Pass!

  7. I’m bummed I thought his face would be more messed up than that.

  8. He looks like someone playing Jonah Hex, not Jonah Hex.

  9. James says:
  10. Maybe it’ll be augmented with CGI?

    The Two-Face team/person did a great job, I thought…


  11. Ms Conquest says:

    If he keeps messing around, Diane will mess that face up and save everyone money and time augmenting with his face using CGI.

  12. Where’s Jonah Hex? Is he standing behind Josh Brolin?

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