First peek at Jeff Smith’s Tuki Save the Humans!, with CBLDF future unveiling


With RASL running up the sales chart and soon to start racking up awards, Jeff Smith’s next project—a webcomic called Tüki Save the Humans! has been kept under wraps. But a teaser image has finally been released, and it’s been announced that Smith will officially unveil it November 10th a benefit brunch for the CBLDF Kids’ Right to Read program at the Society of Illustrators. Tickets are on sale at

We do know a little about Tüki: it’s set in prehistoric times and follows the first human to leave Africa, a buy who struggles to save his tribe from savage threats of the era.

Smith will be running it as a webcomic and then printing it in installments; the previous launch date was November 1st, but I’d guess it will run after this brunch. Based on the image, it’s looks about as you’d expect: terrific. Free Jeff Smith webcomic! Good times.

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