First Green Lantern trailer up


The first GREEN LANTERN trailer debuted on Entertainment Tonight this evening. The full HD version is viewable on Apple.

Ryan Reynolds was a good choice for Hal. That last shot of the full uniform (seen earlier in the teaser) looks more like a toy than a person but there is a lot of effects work still to be done.

What do you think? Is this the tentpole for a new era of DC-centric films at WB?


  1. I think it looks pretty awesome!!

  2. Jack Fear says:

    Tom Kalmaku!

  3. Jeff P. says:

    I just can’t buy Reynolds as a hero. He works much better in comedies.

    And hooo, some of that dialog!

  4. Jeff P. says:

    Of course, I initially felt the same way about Michael Keaton as Batman, and he pulled it off.

  5. He looks like a Mike Grell drawing.


  6. moebius44 says:

    Ben stiller in zoolander ..

  7. Rob Spencer says:

    Hate to say it, but Cowboys & Aliens looks better.

  8. Dump the mask. Tights are too tight.
    Not a must-see, by no means.

  9. moubius44 says:

    Yep not a real must see, deadpool anyone …..

  10. “Tights are too tight.”

    Er, it’s CGI.

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