EXCLUSIVE: Liberty Comics Previews

Here’s two more preview pages from the LIBERTY COMICS #2 anthology coming next month from Image.

Paul Pope

Chynna Clugston-Flores

In addition, Image has just released the Jim Lee Variant cover.

LEE and his story with NEIL GAIMAN, ‘100 Words’, lead off an all-star ensemble of industry greats in the all-new second volume of LIBERTY COMICS. Passionate comic book storytelling, all in service to an important cause, the incredible contributions list includes a Painkiller Jane story by JIMMY PALMIOTTI and JIM RUGG; a new Mr. Gum adventure from MIKE ALLRED, DAVE JOHNSON and JAMIE S. RICH; The Apocalypstix by RAY FAWKES and CAMERON STEWART, a return to Channel Zero by BRIAN WOOD; a preview of Choker by BEN MCCOOL and BEN TEMPLESMITH; and a special Martha Washington piece by DAVE GIBBONS, alongside exclusive material by PAUL POPE; KATHRYN & STUART IMMONEN; CHYNNA CLUGSTON; PAUL GRIST; and JASON AARON & MORITAT. LIBERTY COMICS already features two covers, one by Batman: The Long Halloween’s TIM SALE and a new Kick Ass image by creator JOHN ROMITA JR.



  1. I love the Jamie Rich cameos Chynna throws into her stuff. They’re like Easter eggs.

  2. She always makes me look younger, too, which is a bonus.

    Though, now I’m all paranoid that maybe I do eat with my mouth open. :/

  3. ^_^

  4. michael says:

    Wait! When did #1 come out! O.o

    I got the Hero benefit book, but missed this!

    and Paul and Chynna rock!! :D

  5. Michael –

    #1 came out last year. It featured contributions from Mark Millar, Darwyn Cooke, Art Adams, Mike Mignola, Rick Veitch, and many more.

  6. michael says:

    thanks for the info Jamie! :)


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