EXCLUSIVE: Comic Foundry #5 cover


Tim Leong has provided The Beat with the debut of the cover to Comic Foundry #5, featuring Bryan Lee O’Malley.

This fifth issue will be the last one of the magazine, but it looks to be going out with a bang.


  1. michael says

    the ‘suck it’ part is odd to me. how can you say that when you’re the one going out of business? O.o

  2. says

    Man…it was such a slick magazine. Too bad Comic Foundry entered in such a bad time. Print dying, economics.

    I wish them.

  3. says

    Can’t wait to hang out with you kids at NYCC. Sad to see CF go. But hell, at least you’re goin’ out in good ol’ 2nd grade style. F*ckin’ sh*t, man. Just like everyone else, love the tagline.

  4. jimmy palmiotti says

    i am really upset about this great mag going away. wed, i am going to yell at my local retailer some more.

  5. Mike says

    Comic Foundry is a wonderful magazine and I (and many of our costumers) will miss it ! Is there really no little chance to publish CF again?

    Why can’t “Wizard” be cancelled instead?

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