Exclusive: AvX Avengers #27 cover by Walt Simonson

Marvel is releasing more covers for their epic fisticuffs battle, and here’s AVENGERS #27 , written by Brian Michael Bendis with art and cover by Walt Simonson. In this issue, as the battle rages…an Avenger betrays the team!

On sale in June.


  1. rich says

    Art by Walt Simonson??? Well, at least they did one thing right. Maybe I’ll pick up this issue for the cover, and once I’ve removed it, I’ll pass the coverless issue onto a friend.

  2. Adam says

    Walt also drew the inside!

    Man, it’s nice to look like comic art that actually looks like comic art, and not fumetti.

  3. rich says

    He did??

    Oh, wow … Now I have to keep the issue. I’ll find a different comic to get rid of in its place.

  4. says

    Dude with the gun looks a little hippy.

    I see now that they’re holsters…but…can’t unsee the hips.

  5. JReyes says

    That’s the Marvel Boy character, the one Grant Morrison created.

    Sad how they’ve ruined the character. WS can’t even save him.

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