Everyone is talking about…this great 24 HOUR comic by Boulet

Everyone is talking about…this great 24 HOUR comic by Boulet


Read it all here.


  1. barry buchanan says

    Frak, that was great! When I get home I’m gonna dig out my 24 hour comic and burn it.

  2. Raphael Martinez says


    Unless you’re a Ware or Hernandez or Huizenga, how as a comics artist can you read that and not feel completely inadequate?

  3. says

    No it wasn’t completed in a day – that lovely piece ended up taking 26 hours. Just another example of why trying to make a 24 hour comic is a good idea, even if you don’t technically succeed. Not all are this great, mind you… (I wish they were)

  4. says

    [wipes flop sweat from forehead]
    Good to know that took an extra 2-hours to do. I could TOTALLY do a comic like that in 26-hours. Easy peasy.

  5. Mike says

    the exact IM reply I sent to my friend who sent me this link…

    “that Dark thing was AWESOME btw…and I don’t like that romantic, slice of life sh@t!
    I sent it to my g/f to make her like comics.”

  6. says

    I have never had any involvement with a 24 hour comic event and I’m curious – Is there some way to be reasonably sure that the story was conceived in that time frame and not something the creator had been working out for some time in advance. I’m not trying to take any luster off this great story, nor am I implying that it’s not a feat just drawing the story in 24 hours, but I’ve always wondered if the creators are GIVEN a concept to work to or something like that.

  7. says

    There are other 24-hour comics on his website. It’s not his first time. :)

    Now you have to ask every publisher to print his works in english (printed version of his blog – which is already available in english) but also titles like:
    – Miya (easily translated, it’s nearly without text)
    – La rubrique scientifique
    – Womoks
    – La page blanche (his most recent GN with artist Penelope Bagieu)
    – Le voeu de Marc

    And so on … He also drew some volumes of Dungeon (the Sfar / Trondheim series)

    To have a rough idea of what he already drew or wrote: http://www.amazon.fr/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?__mk_fr_FR=%C5M%C5Z%D5%D1&url=node%3D301133&field-keywords=boulet&x=0&y=0

  8. says

    Ernie: 24 Hour Comics is a challenge, not a contest, so there’s really not much point to “cheating”. There are some events where people are given a “seed” and encouraged to build a story around it, but usually it’s just people on their own. In this case, we know that he didn’t successfully do it in 24 hours, he admits to running two hours over. As to whether he had some concept in his mind when he came into the room, it’s impossible, it’s hard to stop one’s brain in the days leading up to a 24 hour comics event (I tend to use some random seed for myself just to force myself to clear my brain)… but no wonder what the circumstances under which it was created, this is a beautiful story, and I’m glad it exists. –Nat Gertler, founder, 24 Hour Comics Day

  9. Pedro Bouça says

    As I have already mentioned many times, Boulet is a friggin’ genius!

    When is an enterprising US publisher going to start translating his stuff? I don’t need that myself, since I have his comics in french (a lot of them signed…), but you poor, monolingual americans do!

  10. Al™ says

    This was absolutely wonderful. Best work I have read in awhile and thanks for posting it!

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