Eminem as the Punisher

Two great tastes that shoot things together, as XXL magazine dresses up Eminem as the Punisher for a new cover, with a new comic inside, as well.

BTW, is it just us or does Em’s face look like…a CGI version of a person? Weird.


  1. michael says

    I’m both disturbed and intrigued by this idea of Eminem as the Punisher!! O.o

  2. says

    Eminem as The Punisher seems like pretty much the only possible way to do another movie successfully. Casting virtual unknowns hasn’t worked too well so far.

  3. says

    Either they did it on purpose (seems unlikely since the head doesn’t really match the body in that sense from what I see here) or Mr. Mathers has had a lot of real world CGI (plastic surgery) done since his “retirement” a couple of years ago.

  4. TonyC says

    Plastic surgery? You think? Hmmm… not a lot of people go the plastic surgery route to make them even MORE butt ugly, but then again, he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, is he? The scary part is his looks exceed his actual “talent.”

  5. Ian says

    It takes a lot of touching up to actually make him look menacing and not just a whiny kid from down the street.

    I think its funny that they took the Punisher MAX logo and cut out the skull that is usually at the bottom. I never liked the skull, but their solution is worse. Oh, also not a very good job of cutting it out.

  6. Frank Rook says

    This is a role he was born to play. Nothing says “vigilante who kills every drug dealer he comes across” than a guy who’s made his career rapping about doing drugs, how drugs are great, and how selling drugs is fun.

    Maybe this is Joey Q’s next “genie”? Erasing Punisher’s hatred of drugs?

  7. C BLOCK says

    Talk smack if you want about eminem but none of you have obviously had an addiction to pills and know what a strong person it takes to kick the habbit…esp if you have the means em has. Not to mention he is probably the most respected rap artist in the world. I would like one person on here to say they have as much ambition and talent as eminem does. You smug assholes aren’t better than anyone. It takes a big man to talk smack over the internet. None of you would have the guts to say that crap to him, or probably anyone, in real life. Get a life faggots!

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