ROBOT: The Bollywood/Robot Extravaganza that has everyone tweeting!

Dear lord.

So good.


This is what it was like when the internet was cool.


  1. says

    Is there a reason all of your articles are showing up in my google reader with headlines like “Buy Iressa Without Prescription” and “Buy Chantix Without Prescription”?

    I think you’ve been spammed/hacked somewhere.

  2. says

    Hmm, it’s Indian, but strictly speaking it’s not a Bollywood movie… it’s Tamil, having been produced by a Chennai-based studio, initially for a Tamil-language audience.

    (This is what it’s like when the internet is pedantic!)

  3. says


    Excuse the language, but when will Hollywood start doing something as original as this?

    Never, they’re still content with remakes and sequels. Now that’s what I call a blockbuster.

  4. Dave Elliott says

    Looks brilliant.

    Thanks, Heidi

    Looks like Bollywood’s answer to both Scott Pilgrim and the Mask.

  5. says

    What’s the movie? There’s an Indian store in my Wakefield neighborhood that sells imported DVDs, I can get it there! (That’s where I got “Krrsh”, one of the best superhero movies ever made.

    Go google “Hrithik Roshan” if you need some eye candy…)

  6. Drake says

    Aishwarya Rai! Gosh, that woman is the most beautiful woman in the world.

    Have to, have to, have to catch this movie. Looks like so much fun!

  7. David-Comics collector says

    Indians STOLE MARVEL COMICS Machine Man-A robot having A CONSCIENCE,made to look like a man to blend in our society-he is an ANDROID,people!**look up late 1979-80’s MACHINE MAN comic book** I been waiting 15-20 YEARS for SOMEBODY to make that MARVEL ROBOT-MAN CHARACTER into a CGI movie! But seeing as how USA politics sticks nose where dont belong years after MARVEL COMICS discontinued Machine Man,only another country WOULD HAVE THAT FREEDOM to make great movie like this-USA POLITICAL BITHES USING CENSORSHIP is makeing this nation SuuuuuuuuuCK-USA 1rst amendments went south since back in 1998 when that NAZI Hillary HITLER Clintomn influenced that Harrassment in public BS LAW,causing Censorship this nation to suffer for 10-20 years to lose the 1 main thing that made USA so great-FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION-That 1RST AMENDMENT is what gave us freedom to not only express ourselves,But to CREATE & ->WHAT CONTENT WE VIEW IN PUBLIC-If it takes another country to remake an AMERICAN 1980’s CLASSIC COMIC CHARACTER into a movie able to show VIOLENCE,And with B(.y.)B CLEAVAGE IN PUBLIC,Because USA had been suffering 10-20 years of CENSORSHIP since 1998 which violates USA’s own 1rst amendment to where our nation cant show that content IN PUBLIC-what does that tell U? Obviouly,time to DEFECT to Europe,people!

  8. Xenos says

    Funny someone complaining about censorship in US films in the middle of a thread about Bollywood / Indian films. Isn’t India’s media surprising conservative?

    And really in America if you get away from mainstream sources like basic cable and broadcast TV, you’ll find plenty of boobs. There are plenty of films that have nudity, especially with the explosion of the DVD market.

    And while both sides of the aisle of American politics vilify media and cry about our children, America still has one of the most free outlets in the world. In particular the recent video game witch hunts. As bad as we get it in America with ignorant hacks and hypocrites like Hillary or Arnold butting in, places like Germany and Australia have it far far worse. No reason to stop complaining about hack US politicians using such tactics, but don’t act like Europe is any better. They may get boobs in afternoon gameshows on tv, but their violence is censored to heck and in particular violence in video games. If anything they’re worse and we need to treasure and protect our bastions of free speech while we can.

    And yeah, maybe I’m feeding the troll, but is Machine Man reaaaally that original of a concept? This seems like a copy of a dozen or so Hollywood movies than Machine Man.

    So I still rather don’t think this Indian film looks all that creative. It looks like a sing song regurgitation of a number of Hollywood blockbusters from the past decade or so. This looks like Jim Carrey starring in a Michael Bay remake of the Bionic Man.

    Though I do confess Aishwarya Rai is a beautiful actress. Too bad like her biggest US film was the Pink Panther 2 remake. Ugh.

  9. mahousenshi says

    *It’s my opinion not the author of this site or post*

    The problem with Hollywood the copyright law. The copy law dont incentive new IP, only old IP.

    I’m not contrary of the copy law, but it can’t be infinity! I think author’s life + 20 25 30 years a great time. not author’s life + 150 years, to much time.

    *It’s my opinion not the author of this site or post*

  10. shakthi says

    Endhiran, the Robot, soon to be released Tamil langugage Sci-fi movie is gonna blow u all outta ur minds.. Its getting released all over the world including N.America n Europe. Go catch it guys u’l never regret watching it. Its going to be a mind-blowing fun !

  11. Alexandra says

    “Hmm, it’s Indian, but strictly speaking it’s not a Bollywood movie… it’s Tamil, having been produced by a Chennai-based studio, initially for a Tamil-language audience.

    “(This is what it’s like when the internet is pedantic!)”

    So it’s Kollywood, right? :)

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