End times, continued

It snowed in Vegas yesterday.

We’ve often thought about what the most absurd sight possible on earth might be, and this was one of them. The Vegas where, on at least two separate occasions, a walk to the next casino became a scene out of LAWRENCE OF ARABIA.

The freakish storm caused highway closures and power outages, but Wayne Newton’s hair level remained unaffected.


  1. says

    Doesn’t that seem like what you would use for an opening shot for The Day After Tomorrow or some similar climatological end times movie?

  2. Torsten Adair says

    Life imitates art… specifically DC’s New Frontier.
    Given all the make-believe in Vegas (not to be confused with the City Of Las Vegas), I’m surprised that someone hasn’t built a ski resort on the Strip.
    Yes, we are approaching the end times. We just witnessed a Democratic Elector voting in Nebraska. Some believe that the next Pope will be Peter.
    But don’t worry… I’m still single, and my relatives won’t give me comics for Christmas.

  3. says

    Having been to Las Vegas during December, the only thing that surprises me about this was that there was enough moisture in the air to snow. The cold? That’s standard for the desert in winter.

  4. Bruce says

    Having seen Wayne Newton in person recently, I have no doubt it would take a hurricane level storm to damage that hairdo.

  5. Brian Spence says

    I was there for the first time two weeks ago and the weather was great. I love how some will say this disproves global warming, when in reality, it’s massive changes in weather patterns like this that remind us all that we’re doomed.

  6. Sphinx Magoo says

    Expect Dr. Doom to issue his demands sometime soon after this effective display of his evil weather control satellite!

  7. Sphinx Magoo says

    Hasn’t Sin City been described as a modern-day Sodom and/or Gomorrah? Well, if this little bit of “Hell on Earth” has frozen over, then expect pigs to be seen soaring through the sky and for an epidemic of monkeys as they fly out of peoples’ butts!

  8. Mark Coale says

    I guess people in Vegas really can get Seasonal Affective Disorder now… :>

    I think this is a cosmic joke on Bill Willingham, who posted on his blog that he was going to be moving from Vegas to Minnesota.

  9. Tom Galloway says

    Per my comics store guy (Ralph Mattieu), the last time Vegas saw snow anything like this was around a decade ago.

    Surprisingly, the people who were out on the roads were in general driving with a clue.

  10. says

    Can you imagine of how all the casino owners are freaking out because no one can come in from LA? The McCarron’s airport was closed, the I- 14 and I-15 is(?) shut down which even caused a ripple effect out in the Antelope Valley where motorists were stranded on the freeway all night!! The only way you could get in was through a Metrolink train.

    Plus the city of Henderson, Nevada sent my dad home from work.



  11. Alan Coil says

    Sphinx Magoo Says:
    12/18/08 at 2:03 pm

    “Hasn’t Sin City been described as a modern-day Sodom and/or Gomorrah?”

    Magoo, are you saying that isn’t snow, but salt?

  12. michael says

    that’s not snow! some plane full of coke on it’s way to vegas must’ve exploded! ;P

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