Either toons are sexay…

Or Playboy has a sense of humor. That’s right, TILF Marge Simpson graces the cover of the next issue of Playboy, in what is described as a five-page pictorial with “Implied nudity.”
Luckily, no other toon ladies are planning to enhance their career in this manner,



  1. I offer an alternative! http://www.phymns.blogspot.com

    C’mon, we’re all thinking it…

  2. I believe there have been other photos leaked on the web for years.

  3. Who’s the artist? Bill Morrison?

  4. CBrown says:

    “TILF?” It took me half a second to figure that acronym out, and when I did . . . ewww . . . .

  5. I actually laughed out loud at “TILF.”

  6. I’m sure this isn’t the first time this is happened. Wasn’t Marge in an issue of Playboy or Maxim a while back?

  7. John Warren says:

    @Jim–Looks like there’s a “Matt Groening” signature on that particular pic. Don’t know about the interiors.

  8. Groening’s signature is on everything Simpsons no matter who draws it. I bet it’s the incomparable Bill Morrison. I just want to read that Stephen King story about the devil in Marge Simpson.

  9. michael says:

    will Fox object to this? Being how, even though the toons are more adult these days, still, on a Playboy? Does that match their cartoon programming for ‘kids’?

  10. stevenson says:
  11. K-Box says:

    This actually might have been interesting if it had happened in 1993. As it stands now, is there seriously anyone with an Internet connection who HASN’T seen Marge Simpson naked yet? Online porn of The Simpsons, along with Family Guy and countless Disney cartoons, is like the virtual kudzu of the Web – you’re even more likely to see nude pictures of Lois Griffin and the like than you are to receive an e-mail from a Nigerian prince looking to reclaim his lost fortune.

  12. stevenson says:

    K-Box, those old pictures were photoshopped. This will be the real thing finally!

  13. I wonder how many other housewives having borne three children can lay claim to a Playboy cover and pictorial? Go Marge!

  14. mark coale says:

    “Fox turned into a hardcore sex channel so gradually, I didn’t even notice.”

  15. Looking forward to Stephen King’s new story, blurbed on the cover. I’ve read pretty much all of his work, including the vast Dark Tower series.
    So much for revising the cliche of just buying PBoy for the pictures, ha ha

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