Earthcrawler pr0n

Are we the only person who is on some kind of spam list for folks in Dubai selling expensive construction equipment (cranes and bulldozers)? With PICTURES? We are excited as anyone by the idea of looking at pictures of 80-ton cranes, but how on earth did we get on this list? Is this some kind of Al Qaeda front or a variation on the Nigerian scam? WTF?

PS: We’re on the road again, this time for R&R — more posting later.


  1. Secret Identity says

    I would be a little cautious. I don’t think it’s spam. I think it’s a subversive way for Decepticons to gain entry into the comics reading world.

    What better way than to target the most widely read comics blog…I’d be caeful.

  2. says

    I, too, am on that list and had quite the WTF? moment over it. Don’t know why they decided to pick comics folk for that bit of nonsense!

  3. rich says

    Maybe they picked comics folk because that crane look incredibly cool! Throw some sport car red on it, and there’s your Mark III Iron-Crane!

  4. rich says

    Hmmm … on second thought, maybe it’s more like a War Machine crane. Toy tie-in??

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