Early reactions to Batman V Superman: Wonder Woman is great, so is the movie

Batman-v-SupermanReviews of Batman v Superman are embargoed until press screenings on Tuesday, so we have only the tweets of invited guests of the world premiere, but they are positive and everyone liked Wonder Woman and Ben Affleck.



Granted, when you’re at a glitzy world premiere, it’s hard to be negative. (Through a weird combination of circumstances, I was at the Man of Steel world premiere and folks were GUSHING. Heck I actually liked it and still do.) But at least there was good stuff to be said. WB execs slept soundly last night .


  1. says

    IDK if I should take StudioPlant007 word or not, hmmm. I’ll wait for reviews from the critics I like to read and so on. Everything gets good early buzz until it becomes clear you can let your real feelings out. My guess is BvS will better then MoS (hard not to be) and be okay and solid but not amazing.

  2. Skottie says

    People liked Man of Steel too. People with garbage opinions are everywhere.

  3. Sean Belt says

    So, Skottie, opinions that differ with yours and garbage are the same? Glad to know there’s someone out there who is in charge of maintaining the line between garbage/not garbage. LOL.

  4. Skottie says

    People who like garbage tend to have garbage opinions with no reasons to support them.

  5. George says

    Great? Most of the reviews use words like “awful,” “incoherent,” “bombastic” and “mess.”

    But everyone seems to like Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, the first interesting woman in a DC movie since Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman (way back in ’92). I’ll see the movie for Gadot.

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