Dupuy and Berberian win Grand Prix

200801271154 Dupuy and Berberian win Grand PrixPhilippe Dupuy and Charles Berberian have won the Grand Prix* at Angoulême. It’s the first time a team of cartoonists have won. As winners, they will chair the jury for next year’s festival. As Tom points out, it’s another win for the ’90s generation of cartoonists who have defined recent French comics.

200801271152 Dupuy and Berberian win Grand PrixDepuy and Berberian have several books available from Drawn & Quarterly including Get a LIfe, which features their best known character, Mr. Jean, and the more autobiographical Maybe Later.

* Note, the Grand Prix is the prize given to the top cartoonists at the festival, not the top book, as we had mistakenly posted yesterday. Sorry for the dumbass mix-up. As punishment, we need to go to Angoulême to learn the difference first hand.

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