Don’t eat the brown Tic Tacs

Steve Bunche alerts us to one of the most alarming Barbies ever: Poopin’ Pup Barbie. This Barbie comes with a lovable Lab named Tanner who just can’t stop pooping! In fact, since Barbie is feeding him shit, it’s no wonder it goes right through him. You can see a video of Barbie and her pooper scooper in action here at the Mattel website.

But wait, there’s more! For those more feline-friendly, there’s Teresa, who spends her days joyfully lifting turds from cuddly Mika’s litter box. Sadly, this play-set does not come with toy turds, because nothing says fun like cleaning clumps of cat shit. And trust us, we know.

You might think that this was the worst Barbie ever, but it probably isn’t. There was Potty Training Kelly, who sat on the pot herself (accompanied by a merry tinkling sound in the TV ads), and Cock-Ring Ken, of course. Kids gotta learn somehow.


  1. Obviously, this toy is for people who’ve never had to pick up dog turds.

  2. I saw an ad for this within the past week and immediately developed a stutter. Who greenlit this? Have the Japanese infiltrated Mattel? Who else finds scat that endearing? (No, I do not want names.)

    Suddenly, I feel my odds for getting a job in the toy industry are slightly better.

  3. Jimmie Robinson says:

    VERY Japanese, indeed. I love it.

    They should get the boys in on the action with a poopin’ dog for G. I. Joe. Of course, it wouldn’t have some magic poop scoop stick. More like Kung Fu foot-kicking action.

    Kids! Watch Joe kick dirt over the poop and walk off! Hahaha!
    Once again, all the cleaning duties are left to the images of women.

  4. Nicola Scott says:

    I never remember wanting a crapping dog for my Barbies!

  5. Joanne says:

    I think it’s smart. It shows kids that having a dog requires responsibility.

    Also, the cat pees.

  6. hopefully they are developing a battery operated dog that can hump Barbie’s leg.

  7. Yeah, his name is Ken.


  8. They should make a monkey that poops and has a spring-action arm for flinging action.


  9. They should make it where Tanner just eats Mika’s turds out of the box instead of giving Teresa a pooper scooper. That’s more realistic. Then he could poop out both again and the cycle continues and a good time is had by all kids who are future fecalphiliacs.

  10. …what has mattel come to?

  11. Talon says:

    whoever invented this obviously had A LOT of time on their hands…what is this world coming to?!

  12. that’s dumb! who needs a dog that craps? we have plenty of those in real life!

  13. LOLallicious says:

    Mattel: Showing girls how to be more like mothers.

    ’cause seriously. We all had a dog as a child. Who took care of it and scooped the poop? Our mothers (most of the time).

    Let’s face it, Mattel is running out of stuff and starts developing crap like this (pun intended) to indirectly insult women. And let me say that’s bulls*** (pun also intended).

  14. Lol, flash video of it is gone.
    Last time I saw a shitting doll, it was a Japanese porn action figure.
    Her shit was much more realistic however.
    I am disappointed in Mattel.

  15. Ima Stripper says:

    i love it and have that doll he poops and humps barbie its nasty and as a stripper ive seen alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

  16. I dont understand why not eat brown tic tacs


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  2. […] those longing for the days of Barbie’s crapping toy dog Tanner, we have very good news: there is a new generation of toy animals that take little toy dumps on […]

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