Do today’s comics look like ads for lingerie?

Magnette-Agentprovocateur-294-Thumb-275X426Thanks to Agent Provocateur and their new line of superhero-inspired undies, you can now make a detailed comparison, as Laura Hudson did.

But Topless Robot thinks you may be saddened:

I hadn’t really thought about it before, but if someone had asked me yesterday if someone could actually screw up a comics-inspired lingerie line, I would have said no. But looking at these “things,” complete with titles like Hornette and Magnette, I’m just sad and ashamed and a little angry.


Update: Well apparently there’s a comic book to go along with this, and Rich Johnston has scans and all so the answer is YES!


  1. I have no opinion on this subject, but I’d like to thank you for giving me a vaguely-work-related reason to click on a lingerie website.

  2. SuperSex says:

    I never thought of super heroines in the bedroom play -it’s so obvious
    why didn’t i think of that?:)

  3. There is also the video titled Mission to Earth:

  4. Charles Knight says:

    They look slightly less like hookers than most Superheroes.

  5. I don’t get the nerd outrage over the lingerie. What was he expecting, Silk Spectre latex? Underoos? Other than the mediocre lingerie it’s just typically deranged fashion marketing for us to point and laugh at (or surreptitiously oggle), not to be saddened, shamed and a little angered by. Yeesh.

  6. SuperSex (I’ll have the soup)… Big Book of Urban Legends. “Super Hero Hi-Jinks” p.136

    Synopsis here:

    And, for you guys, H&M sold Marvel boxers with comics art on them.

  7. Synsidar says:

    The Financial Times profiled Agent Provocateur, the “exotic lingerie brand,” in March. Lingerie apparently spices up the home life:

    Garry Hogarth, chief executive of Agent Provocateur, the exotic lingerie brand, predicts further growth in 2009. He said that as couples stay at home to save money, more women are tending to invest in adventurous apparel to add spice to their relationships. He said: “It makes women feel good about themselves and we all need a bit of cheering up at the moment.”

  8. I’m amazed that Fruit of the Loom hasn’t cashed in on the goldmine of Marvel- and DC-licensed Underoos in adult sizes, actually.

  9. They look like those crappy covers by Greg Horn!

  10. I’m kind of mystified by Rob’s outrage about these. Ridiculously over-sexualized costumes of questionable aesthetic taste are pretty much are pretty much par for the course when it comes to superheroine costumes, and it’s hard to feel like the lingerie is really doing anything different.

  11. I actually thought the top image was the cover of a Storm mini-series or something…which pretty much proves Laura’s point.

  12. Agent Provocateur MUST be a superheroine! The pose she’s hitting would be a difficult one to hold for any length of time.

  13. Charles Knight says:

    “They look like those crappy covers by Greg Horn! ”

    They *will* be a crappy cover by Greg Horn in about six weeks or quicker if he runs out of jazz mags…

  14. Charles Knight says:

    “I’m amazed that Fruit of the Loom hasn’t cashed in on the goldmine of Marvel- and DC-licensed Underoos in adult sizes, actually. ”

    I am wearing my Superman pants as we speak – joking aside, they are actually a quality item- no the symbol is off to the left rather then em.. front and centre.

  15. Scott says:

    Wow! Now Greg Land has more images he can trace from! It’s like Christmas Day for him!

  16. michael says:

    Whatevs..yeah so what? They’re in lingerie, it’s not like there AREN’T superheroines in lingerie, swimwear and such!

    At least this lingerie manufacturer is getting right to the point and not being ‘shy’ about it. I imagine many superhero fans would love this, as some already love Empowered, which is just as risque, if not moreso. I actually liked the little Youtube ads.

    There’s nothing new about this, I see no biggie, no foul. Possibly cool, possibly not, who knows till it comes out. Just move along and get on with the comics biz! ;)

  17. To correct my earlier statement, I meant to say that the Agent Provocateur Elite Xemplar character must be a Super Heroine.

    I saw the text saying “Agent Provocateur” under the image and thought that it was the character name.

    My bad.

    My very very naughty bad…

  18. @michael: Empowered is risque at times, sure, but it’s done in a fun, tongue-in-cheek way that pokes fun at mainstream superpower books at the same time as being cheesecake. I wasn’t expecting to dig it, but have become a great big fan– and am a feminist!

    I think this is a pretty savvy move for a lingerie company, and wonder if it’ll pay off for them. The real commentary on the state of mainstream funnybooks is (as others have noted above) how close *actual lingerie ads* are to what we see in the weekly four-color pages. As much as I appreciate that yes, superhero under-duds are definitely available for menfolk, please note that boxers are a FAR cry from the above … which, let’s agree, are stylish scraps of fabric that require structural apparatuses to hold in place. :)

    In fact, I’d LOVE to see a closer equivalency to boxers for women! I’m in sore need of some comfy Batgirl underoos, as are some of my female coworkers …

  19. (Wow, that auto-generated smiley looks awfully lewd in this context.)

  20. Synsidar says:

    In fact, I’d LOVE to see a closer equivalency to boxers for women! I’m in sore need of some comfy Batgirl underoos, as are some of my female coworkers …

    Well, if you’re flexible:

    Batgirl capris

    Batgirl capris

    Supergirl Camisole/Panty Set

    Supergirl Camisole/Panty Set

  21. Not too shabby! The color scheme on the capris leaves much to be desired, but I’ll take it.

    Thanks for the links!

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