DJ Caruso spills on Y

200809101241UGO has an interview with director DJ Caruso in which the EAGLE EYE helmer gives all sorts of info on the proposed Y: THE LAST MAN movie, including the idea that it may be a SERIES of movies. He also speaks on casting choices — Shia LaBeouf is still a front runner for Yorick but other parts are still speculative:

UGO: We’ve heard rumors about Alicia Keys playing 355?

DJC: Well, she’s actually not a bad choice. She’s definitely not a bad choice. She’s definitely someone to consider. I thought she did a really cool job in the Carnahan movie (Smokin’ Aces) which was a lot of fun. So yeah. So really, the one thing, I think I’ve mentioned this to you, I’m going for, and it’s not quite there yet on the page. I’d love to have sort of a (Robert) DeNiro/(Charles) Grodin relationship between 355 and (Yorick). Kind of a Midnight Run relationship…I think Alicia’s a great girl and everything but I have to make sure that she can handle the acting part of it.

Caruso plans to have Ampersand played by a real monkey, dashing rumors that he would be played by Mickey Rooney in make-up. Much more info in the link, including BKV’s involvement.

Thought: This will be one movie that passes the Bechdel test, eh?


  1. Thomax Green says:

    Personally I would love to see a ‘Y The Last Man’ movie. That story is how I got my wife interested in comic books. Now she has read more than me.

  2. AERose says:

    Please Lord not Shia Labeouf.

  3. Tom Daylight says:

    There is no way any Y film could match exactly the great work in the comics. Particularly the last few issues of Y – the payoff is so rewarding specifically because you’ve been following these characters for sixty issues – two hours isn’t long enough for the audience to make that kind of connection.

  4. The storytelling in Y is way way better suited to episodic content: i.e. a miniseries or TV series. A movie is just going to have to lop off all but the basic plot points, which would rob the story of a lot of what makes it great.

    And yeah. Labeouf as Yorrick? Gag.

  5. Lebeouf and Keys. Oh please Gods of Comics no…

  6. Well, the Bechdel test requires that they be having a conversation about something other than a man…

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