Ditko’s Thor

Via Frank Santoro , a long lost Charlton story by Ditko.



  1. whoops!

  2. Although the story is said to have been published in a 1985 Charlton comic and was listed as reprint of a 1973 story, Ditko’s art on the story looks more like his 1960-era Charlton art. In just does not have the normal characteristics one sees in Ditko’s 1973 art.

    In short, I wonder if this tale was something he went to Charlton with much earlier, sold it, but it got shelved until 1973. Or maybe it could have even a story he ginned up for Charlton circa 1960 but shelved himself for some reason, and then later sold to them.

    Anyone else?

  3. Joe S. Walker says:

    Did Ditko ever “go to Charlton” in the sense of offering them character/story ideas? I thought he just drew any script they gave him.

  4. Ditko wrote/plotted a ton of stuff he did for Charlton. He also created characters for them in the 70’s- because Charlton let him keep the rights.

  5. It’s from Out of this World #11, January 1959.

  6. Russ Maheras says:

    Bob Hughes wrote: “It’s from Out of this World #11, January 1959.”

    Cool! I was close.

  7. @Bob – including the Question?



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