Ditko: “You seem to have chosen the least attractive, the pessimistic, believing there really are no good men (which has to include you).”

One of the events we missed last week was Steve DIitko’s 85th birthday, so a belated birthday greeting, and a link to Michel Fiffe’s appreciation and account of his long correspondence with Ditko. As thoughtful observers know, Ditko is not so much a recluse as he doesn’t like interviews….reading his comments excerpted by Fiffe, it is a shame his sayings aren’t more widely available. But some mysteries need to remain.



  1. Al™ says:

    Wow, what a fascinating account! And HAPPY belated 85th BIRTHDAY, STEVE DITKO!

  2. I too want to wish Steve Ditko a happy belated 85th birthday. I will always ACKNOWLEDGE him as the co-creator of Spider-man and Doctor Strange. Man, I wish I could meet him in person and THANK him for sharing his awesome talent with the world. I wish you continued health in mind and body mister Ditko.

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