Disney/Star Wars Mashup Sampling

Here’s a quick evening sampling of #DisneyStarWars mashups from around the worldwide web-0-sphere…

(Image via Creative Commons)

There’s a new Disney Princess in town…


(Image via College Humor)

Oh, R2…


A gentleman named Matthew Main tweeted some of his wife’s fan art @TheRealStanLee. She goes by TheEvilNae on Deviantart.com…

(Image via TheEvilNae on deviantart.com)


People have been calling this Depressed George Lucas but somehow I doubt he’s as bummed as he looks…

(Image via Creative Commons)


Look! Disney decided to buy Fantagraphics while they were on a shopping spree (actually this was just posted to Dan Clowes’ fan art Tumblr for Halloween but hey, while we’re mashin’ it up)…

(Image via danclowes.com)


Here are some good Instagrams…

This one is Phet-a-riphic, Mickey-tastic, and Stormtroopa-licious all at once

While this one captures the mood

And this one brings it home as far as the potential IP consequences go.

Enjoy! Have a nice night and check Mashable, Blastr, and PopHangover for more galleries.


  1. Rick H says:

    One image is a sampling?

  2. Pascal Lavoie says:

    Disney bought Fantagraphics? When? For what?

  3. jimmy says:

    Marvel 2014 Summer Event inspired by Star Wars designs featuring The Choosen: Judge Me By My Enemies


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