Die hard Young Justice fans stand up to studio execs

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For those of you that don’t have cable or watch television, CBR broke the heart breaking news that Green Lantern and Young Justice was not renewed for another season to make room for Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go! There are some die hard fanboys and girls are not going to let the Warner Bros. studio executives take away Young Justice that easily. There has been a petition organized with a whooping 2,700+ signatures to keep it alive:

cartoon network
cartoon network, Cartoon Network
Warner Bros Animation, Warner Bros
James Anderson, SVP, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim
Joe Swaney, Director, Cartoon Network
Wendy Rutherford, Director, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim
Katie Gordon, Manager, Cartoon Network
Angie Weiss, Publicist, Cartoon Network
Courtenay Palaski, VP, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim
Dawn Lach, Manager, Cartoon Network
Adrienne D’amato, Director, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim
Shana Ungerson, Sr. Publicist, Cartoon Network

Bring back Young Justice

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Out of all the problems and petitions on the internet, does this one needs to be on the top of your list? Ask your 12 year-old-self that question.



  1. “Out of all the problems and petitions on the internet, does this one needs to be on the top of your list? Ask your 12 year-old-self that question.”

    Out of all the problems and petitions on the internet, does this one need to be mentioned on The Beat? Apparently it does, so why not skip the insults to people who happen to care about this–something which has no bearing on how much they care about anything else.

  2. Pat French says:

    This show was surprisingly good. Really intricate plot threads and interesting character development. It has all that inherent cheeziness of a kid’s show, but still, It’s a shame to see it go.

  3. “Out of all the problems and petitions on the internet, does this one needs to be on the top of your list? Ask your 12 year-old-self that question.”

    Because as well all know you can only sign for one petition ever at the exclusion of all others, or care about one cause at a time.

    What an incredibly stupid statement. You should have thought twice before typing that one out, Henry.

  4. Ted Jordan says:

    Yikes! Guess this is a sensitive subject. I am pretty sure Henry Barajas is on your side here. By writing “Ask your 12 year-old-self that question.” I think he is saying this petition DOES need to be on the top of your list.

  5. Ted Jordan says:

    Besides, by posting this here. There will likely be a few more signatures on the petition.

    Not that it will matter in my opinion. While 2,700 signatures is pretty good for such a short time … it isn’t really a “whopping” amount. I seriously doubt the petition will get enough signatures for Cartoon Network to take notice.

  6. hcduvall says:

    You said it Ted. (in both comments) Good luck to them, but if DC has a plan (not a guaranteed thing), it’s that “Teen Titans” is a more viable brand than “Young Justice”.

  7. Bryan L says:

    I like both shows, but the handwriting has been on the wall for a while. They are both well-written, high quality shows. However, “children’s” animation is all about merchandising, and the YJ figures tanked at retail. The Green Lantern Animated figures never made it beyond prototypes, largely because of the abysmal performance of the movie toys (STILL available on clearance racks and at outlets near you). It’s really a shame.

  8. That’s a shame as I thought Young Justice was probably the best DC-based animated series since Justice League Unlimited. As Pat French pointed out previously, good characterization with some complex storylines that went across the season.

    Young Justice seemed to be directed to teens and adults, while this Teen Titan GO seems to targeted for very young kids. Perhaps the later group buys more toys?

  9. GentlemanCorpse says:

    Young Justice was the only DC Nation show I watched. I kept hearing good things about Green Lantern: TAS but I just cant get into that kind of animation.

    Thanks for bringing this up though cause this petition is definitely getting my signature, whether its going to accomplish something or not.

  10. Cristian says:

    Young Justice AND Green Lantern Are BOTH REALLY good shows! And they’re both VERY well written! Why CANCEL THEM!? As for the annoying orange and almost naked animals. The HELL WITH THEM! Those shows SUCK!

  11. I wanted to watch Young Justice, but they’ve made it frigging impossible. Between pulling it from broadcast and charging through the ass to buy episodes, I’ve yet to see a single full episode.

  12. Deangelo says:

    mad as hell the producers anounnced today they stop production for both shows they got me tight now the option is to keep bitching and make cartoon Network bring the show the show averaged like 1.9 million viewers a week and GLTAS brung in !.6 million views and you reward that by taking it off maybe we should consider getting the show picked up by another network

  13. Young Justice too its self too seriously, I didn’t rly like it…Green Lantern on the other hand was a enjoyable pulpy space opera and I liked the character Razer and his drama with Aya. Sad to see GL go, these other two shows I’m not really thrilled about. how do they intend to expand DC nation if they are cancelling GL and YJ?

  14. Sphinx Magoo says:

    The handwriting about YJ was on the wall. I seem to recall some behind-the-scenes scuttlebutt on a podcast how YJ is a problem for DC since it still held on to the pre-52 designs and situations and wasn’t in line with the current publishing direction.

    Kinda surprised by GLTAS. That’s probably because of bad timing. I betcha CN was winding down GLTAS because the merchandising just wasn’t there. Then Disney pulls the rug out from under CN by purchasing Lucasfilm and yanking Clone Wars off CN. If this had occurred earlier in the season, we’d probably be seeing another season of GLTAS.

    As it is, I betcha they’re secretly working on a Superman animated series to tie in with the movie.

  15. “Out of all the problems and petitions on the internet, does this one needs to be on the top of your list? Ask your 12 year-old-self that question.”

    No problem, my inside child told me “Please don’t let an interesting show be cancelled and tell this guy he is an Asshole”.

    Easy there young me… he didn’t meant to be an Asshole!

  16. For those who are interested, there is another petition circulating that includes both Young Justice and Green Lantern. It has close to 15,000 signatures now.


  17. Richard Pacheco says:

    “Out of all the problems and petitions on the internet, does this one needs to be on the top of your list? Ask your 12 year-old-self that question.”
    Well the 12 year old me is crying about the young justice cancellation but the 19 year old me say “uh fuck yeah it does.”

  18. Regarding the link at the end of the post…
    Wal-Mart does sell guns at many of the nation-wide locations, yes. And in their effort to be the one-stop shopping experience of the lower classes, they also so caskets:



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