“Did you masturbate today? Good! Let’s begin!”

Posted By:Bob Fingerman

More crunchy goodness from MySpace, as Bob Fingerman presents an educational film about “Independent Cartooning: A Career in Salf-Absorbtion.”



  1. I’m very offended!

  2. Makes me wonder who’d win in a battle, Onan or OMAC. OMAC (Kirby’s): “A pernicious plasma hath permeated mine Mohawk” Onan: [lights cigarette]

  3. Am I the only one creeped out by the fact that the guy doing the post on self-gratification is Bob Fingerman?

  4. Muggs... says:


  5. Watched this earlier and love it. This is the most animated I’ve ever seen Bob. Such wonderful joie d’autoerotica.


  1. […] Independent Cartooning: A Career in Salf-Absorbtion is a short film by Bob Fingerman. […]

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