Did you know that Alan Moore & Mark Beyer once teamed up?

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It’s totally true.


  1. Sam Thielman says:

    That is cool. I love stuff like this. While we’re at it, anyone ever read Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean’s godawfulscary “Hellraiser” short story? I recommend that, too.

  2. I’ve read the Hellblaizer story McKean did. I’ll have to look for the Hellraiser one. By the way, there’s a Hellraizer story in those comics, written by Peter Atkins, which is one of the best horror comic stories ever written. Totally off topic, I know.

  3. I love that story. That whole issue of RAW (the third digest and the final overall) is just incredible. Well worth hunting down.

  4. No, no I didn’t. Thanks for the info.

  5. (Also, with the mention of “Good Ol’ Gregor Brown” this is your second RAW-related post of the day!)

  6. Sam Thielman says:

    Christopher, I’ll have to look for the Atkins story, too, then. That actually wasn’t a bad anthology, all things considered – certainly the best licensed book I’ve ever read.

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