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Anime News Networkreports that manga/anime sensation DEATH NOTE, will begin airing on Adult Swim beginning at midnight October 20th. The tale of a teen who fights evil with a death-dealing notebook has already been a worldwide hit in manga, anime, live action and novelized form.

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  1. says

    Since they’ve had all the Miyazaki stuff on, I don’t think Nana is far behind.

    I would rather watch Death Note in the original japanese, but I’ve only BTed the first ep, so I might as well record the series as it comes out on TV. I just hope they have a good dub.

  2. S.Csay says


  3. NumberOneSpatula says

    Death Note will translate very well to American TV, as long as they don’t change ANYTHING. I’m not a big fan of most anime, but while deployed to the middle east myself and some of the troops stationed with me watched the first season and read the manga, and it became a weekly ritual. I think Death Note will capture the attention of everyone, anime lover or not, and my only hope is that it airs earlier than midnight on a regular basis

  4. says

    NO!!!! WTF! WHY!!!??


    I’m so glad! I’m dreading it!

    Yay! Deathnote!

    Damn it now all the anime adult swim fanatics will be crowing about
    DEathnote and kill it for me. Sonovabitch. -sighs- Oh well. Deathnote Hype. Get ready for America.

  5. Ryuzaki says

    YAYNESS!!! I’m sooooo excited!!!! Death Note is soo awesome!!! ^_^

  6. [name] says

    YEEEESSS!!!!!! now the only anime adult swim will need to make me happy is TTGL


  7. noir says

    That is awsome it is a good thing adult swim got it to they do an awsome job with there anime!

  8. lilahmie says

    I wish they aired the real life Death Note!! that would ROCK and NANA!! Come on not only guys watch adult swim.. there’s a lot of us gals out there.. waiting for some NANA!! and other anime to be release to the general public..


  9. Chevalier says

    Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, wanna c NANA so bad…AS rocks, and so does DN. I already read all the Death Note manga, it was awesome.

  10. Blaur says

    -_- Dunno why but this news makes me more depressed than happy. They better give it a good dub at least. v_v

  11. Jeez says

    I agree with Angry Pancake. Anime is all right in small doses but when little freaks who obsess over it come around, it wrecks the whole enjoyment. Hell, that goes for any tv show. Whatever, I guess that’s life.

    Death Note is pretty good though.

  12. Tokidoki says

    This is unbelievable.
    I rather enjoy the manga and the live action movies, but I have only seen episode one of the anime…I don’t like the anime much…but I suppose I’llg ive it shot.

    I just hope they don’t ruin the dubbing.

  13. says

    Hells yeah!!! i can’t believe they puttin it on adult swim!! its like a dream come true…

  14. says

    I can’t wait to see this! I believe it was Viz who got this so it should be…okay….

    BTW, the person who said that Adult Swim does a good job with their dubs: ADULT SWIM DOESN’T DUB ANYTHING they get the shows to air them. FUNimation, and Viz gives them their shows to air. Adult Swim is just what that special air-time is called. This is a Viz dub so it won’t be the greatest. For example: Viz dubed one piece MY EARS BLED. FUNimation bought the rights for it from Viz, no I am super happy because I can listen to it without bleeding out my ears!!

    I can’t wait to see this though, L’s voice sounds really hot, but that’s just judging it by that 3 second clip of his voice NOT distorted. Light’s voice dosent sound insane enough though. Go watch the Trailer on it’s a weird trailer.

  15. says

    I cannot wait for this!
    It’s one of my absolute favourite shows of all time.
    I came across it because of some fan art, and now I am completely addicted.
    And I agree. Light’s voice doesn’t sound sinister enough. I hope it ends up changing towards the end. And they did pick a good L voice, so I’m happy about that.
    I also hope they don’t block anything from the air, like the bleeding sequences and stuff, or I will be thoroughly upset.
    I honestly will be standing my TV till midnight.


  16. Jeffry says

    Hell yeah!!!! I’ve already seen the series in japanese and have been hoping they bring it to adult swim in America.

  17. Kelly says

    Yeah, i have read the whole series, and seen all the episodes in Japanese. I think thsat the Japanese series is better but who knows i just herd about it today so yeah. Anyways im shure it will be fine hopefully L doesn’t have a crapy voice LOL. OH and the movies?…. are they going to be in English?……. i have the emported ones the 2nd movie has BAD subbes….(i waisted 15 bucs …) anyways its great that they have it on Adult Swim now , now everyone will recieve the gift of deathnote and most of all L….. ^.^

  18. says

    WOOHOO YEEES when i first watch it i said”this should be on adult swim”Then it is WOOHOO!

  19. Arc says

    Haha, Omg, it’s released XD
    Well I already have a complete DVD of this so I don’t care hahaha xD
    I hope the dubs aren’t bad :o

  20. says

    I’m a big fan of this show & adult swim in general :D

    As Arc mentioned you can now grab this on DVD too, get it!

  21. says

    Oh and one more thing you guys are bastereds beacuse you get to see these series before the people in america (dicks)

  22. Mastablubba says

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  23. death-god? says

    omg! no way! YESS, finally i luv this show! i’ve only seen 37 episodes and i am hoping for more episodes!!! THIS SHOW IS EPIC!!!

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